Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Virtual Pentecost. If you have a question for the team which isn't answered below, please email Adam May: 

As plans for Virtual Pentecost become confirmed, this page will be further updated. Latest update: 21st April 2021

What is Virtual Pentecost?

Virtual Pentecost isa call to the UK church to unite together for the largest UK's online prayer meeting on Pentecost Sunday, 23rd May. There will be a church service at 11.00am for those who wish to link up with Christians from across the British Isles. The main celebration will take part at 2.00pm that afternoon and last for 2 hours, in a virtual staduim style event with representation from across the church. 


Whose behind Virtual Pentecost?

Virtual Pentecost is being coordinated by the National Day of Prayer and Worship, but has the backing and support of national Church and Ministry Leader across the British Isles. Endorsements from leaders supporting this project can be seen on our endorsements page. If you are a national church or ministry leader, who would like to add your voice to standing alongside us, please get in touch! Pastor Jonathan is keen to speak to anyone who would like to know more about drawing people from their area.


What's the programme for the day?

Working with a Christian media outlet, we will be making available a one hour church service which will be available at 11.00am on Pentecost Sunday. Further details of this will be announced in due course. 

Churches are invited to play the service in their fellowships and meetings on Pentecost Sunday or sign post it back in the afternoon.

Our 2.00pm main gathering will last 2 hours and pray into how the church emerges from the covid pandemic, how we bring the message of healing to our communities and ask for God's revival on our land. A range of voices from across the British Isles will take part. 


Does it cost anything to join in Virtual Pentecost?

The cost of the event is completely free, but churches and indiduvals are invited to stand with us financially to help us with any costs. Please click the 'support us' page on our website to give a one off or regular gift to the ministry. 

Is this for the whole church?

The simple answer is yes! This is a call for unity from across the streams and networks of churches. 


I'm a Leader; how can I help?

Church leaders are vital to helping us spread the word of Virtual Pentecost. If you are able to share details of Virtual Pentecost in your networks, that would be amazing! Pastor Jonathan is particularly keen to talk to you if you are a regional or network leader to see how we can help you engage with this in your networks.

How do I share this on social media? 

There are a number of social media channels which we are using to communicate about the event, including the National Day of Prayer Worship and Virtual Pentecost specific channels on YouTube, Facebook, Twirrer and Instagram. The hashtag for the event is #InOneAccord


I'm a communications lead or Christian press; how can I help?

Great! We need your help. The best thing for those who are communications leaders in ministries, denominations or Christian media outlets is to liaise with Adam May, our Director of Communications. He will be happy to help look at how we can best work together.