Raising A Canopy of Prayer Over The UK, Ireland & Isles

Let There be Light all over the Isles Through Prayer, Unity, and Mission. Join us now!!

Calling All Christians from every county across ALL of these Isles to unite in Prayer for the Revival of God's Church leading to the Healing of the Land and Transformation of Society each Thursday evening.

We will be praying for Salvation of Souls and the Gospel so that God's Light may shine through the Church to everyone irrespective of colour, culture, class or creed.

May the Body of Christ in the Land truly unite so that His Kingdom may Come and His Will be done in Jesus Name.

Our vision of Lights saw people everywhere praying towards the transformation of the Land.

Each Thursday, at 7.00pm, we gather on zoom for a Weeky Zoom Prayer Meeting.

On the first Thursday of each month, we have a Unity Night and focus on a specific town or city. 

If you know anyone who should be with us, please send that link here:

If you can't join us on zoom, you can find us on the NDOPW Facebook page and YouTube live.


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